Rare 1.61-Carat Natural Fancy Vivid Green Diamond, VS1, Cushion Modified Brilliant Cut, GIA-Certified. Price available upon request; purchase includes naming rights. (PRNewsFoto/One and Only One)

Diamonds are beautiful to behold. Their breath-taking color, appealing shape, and conspicuous soft glow light up any heart and spark interest in many. The fancy green diamond is one of the most coveted pieces with a fascinating history and unmatched charm.

Statistics show that almost a quarter of the population in Singapore and Hong Kong own fancy green diamonds. Further research reveals that the fancy green diamond is pretty rare. It’s no wonder that they are in such high demand.

Whether you want to look stunning in earrings or flaunt your costly ring, going for a fancy green diamond-coated earring or ring is the way to go. A fancy green diamond’s green color is a direct symbol of nature and symbolizes fertility, growth, freshness, and harmony.

The color of a fancy green diamond determines its pricing and rarity. The greener it is, the costlier it gets!

How are Fancy Green Diamonds Formed?

Fancy green diamonds, unlike other diamonds, have a unique formation story. They come to be when transparent diamond geological matter is exposed to natural non-harmful radiation during the formation of the diamond.

In most cases, the beautiful transformation from colorless to majestic green occurs after the diamond has formed. 

In most cases, the earth where the carbon deposits lie may have material that is highly radioactive. A real fancy green diamond perseveres a long history of exposure to atomic radioactivity as it forms underground. The exposure can last for as long as millions of years.

The radiation, which is usually from radioactive uranium, can displace carbon atoms present in the diamond from their positions and transform the rock’s ability to refract and take in light, enabling it to reflect the green color on its surface. The longer a fancy green diamond is exposed to radiation, the clearer the green hue becomes.

Which Other Colors of Green Diamonds are There?

Many green diamonds that are formed naturally also have a secondary color referred to as the modifier. Modifying hues can either be gray, yellow, or blue and form the basis of grouping green diamonds based on their color level.

Green diamonds with ‘pure’ color and no modifier fetch more cash. Green diamonds are categorized in lines according to the intensity of their hues.

  • The first line contains Fancy Grayish Yellowish Green, Fancy Light, Fancy Grayish Green Chameleon, Fancy Dark Gray Yellowish Green Chameleon, Fancy Light Grayish Yellowish Green, Fancy Deep Gray, Yellowish Green Chameleon, and Grayish Green Chameleon.
  • The second line is made up of Fancy Yellow Green, Fancy Gray Yellowish Green, Fancy Yellowish Green, Fancy Deep Yellowish Green, Fancy Yellowish Green, Fancy Vivid Yellowish Green, Fancy Intense Yellowish Green, and Fancy Dark Gray Yellowish Green.
  • The third line consists of Fancy Light Green, Fancy Deep Yellow Green, Fancy Intense Yellow Green, Fancy Green, Fancy Vivid Yellow Green, Faint Green, Light Green, and Fancy Deep Yellow Green.
  • The fourth line is made up of Fancy Bluish Green, Fancy Intense Yellow Green, Fancy Gray Green, Fancy Light Bluish Green, Fancy Deep Green, Fancy Vivid Green, Fancy Deep Grayish Green, and Fancy Intense Yellow Green.
  • The fifth line consists of Fancy Deep Blue Green, Fancy Deep Bluish Green, Fancy Intense Blue Green, Fancy Intense Bluish Green, Fancy Light Blue Green, Fancy Vivid Blue Green, Fancy Vivid Bluish Green, and Fancy Blue Green.

How to Tell if a Fancy Green Diamond is Real

Telling if an ordinary colorless jewel is authentic or not is fairly simple. The challenge comes when the precious rock is colored.

Many dishonest people have found a way to reproduce the color of natural green diamonds artificially. The skill is so commendable that it is almost impossible to tell if the diamond is a fake.

One of the simplest ways to ensure you do not get conned of your hard-earned money is to request the right certification for any potential diamond purchase. 

An appraiser who is affiliated with an expert organization and a grading organization such as the AGS (American Gem Society), GIA (Gemological Institute of America), and IGI (International Gemological Institute) are some credible sources to use as a basis for the originality of a fancy green diamond.

How to Keep Your Fancy Green Diamond Looking Breath-taking

An easy and practical way to keep your gorgeous rock shining is by soaking it in a mild degreasing solution, such as water with several drops of gentle dish soap, several times a week.

Once you remove your diamond from the solution, use a new and soft toothbrush to remove any remaining dirt in hard-to-reach places.

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