The Exquisite Moss Oaklands Residence in Cape Town

The owners of this gorgeous contemporary residence in Cape Town, South Africa commissioned Nico van der Meulen Architects to design their perfect dream house, following a simple set of requirements. They wanted a single-story home that would exude a very alluring urban feel. Called the Moss Oaklands Residence, this was actually a renovation project, as the property originally included an old house that dated back to the 1950s.

After a series of alterations and additions, the new home boasts amazing interiors with a perfect flow, and beautiful, inviting spaces. The large public areas are very spacious, open and airy, making this residence perfect for entertaining guests. There are also more intimate areas in the house, including four bedrooms, separated by the public areas by a new indoor water feature. In order to pass from the common to the private areas, one has to cross a bridge that goes over the water feature.

The possibility of a future extension of the home was also taken into consideration when planning this project. Thus, the architects kept the roofs flat to allow the possibility of adding extra floors sometime in the future. With exquisite finishes, high-en furnishings and plenty of luxe amenities, the Moss Oaklands Residence is truly an amazing modern residence.

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