The Diorever Bag By Dior Is Stunning

European luxury goods company Dior has unveiled a new stunning handbag named Diorever. The bag was showcased during the company’s Spring-Summer 2016 catwalk show, and it boasts an interesting reversible design that incorporates both classic and contemporary features. The Diorever is an incredibly versatile product that can complement a wide variety of outfits, including casual and elegant ones.

The Diorever Bag By Dior Is Stunning 1

Some of its main highlights include an adjustable strap, which allows it to be carried on the shoulder or in the hand according to the wearer’s preference. Diorever is available in several materials such as metallic leather, crocodile and calfskin, while its color palette includes gold, silver, red, green, blue, beige and black options.

The Diorever Bag By Dior Is Stunning 2 The Diorever Bag By Dior Is Stunning 3Red Diorever Bag By Dior Blue Diorever Bag By Dior ANTHRACITE GREY ALLIGATOR Diorever Bag By Dior Beige Diorever Bag By Dior

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