The best makeup trends in 2020

We have two different versions of makeup trends in 2020. However, what is unique – you have total freedom in mixing both and changing your image because 2020 is a year of experimentation and freedom in makeup.

Trends of 2020 will delight both, supporters of minimalism and fans of very expressive ways of highlighting their beauty. 

While doing makeup, your job is to have a great time, feel good, and look like you’ve always wanted. By visiting Beauty Tap, you can get everything you need to create your gorgeous and trendy makeup. Let’s see what the hottest makeup of the year should look like.

Something for minimalists

In no-makeup makeup the perfect skin must be a foundation of the look. We are deliberately giving up many cosmetics, which is the basis in this kind of makeup. However, a natural look does not mean giving up everything. A good foundation, concealer, or powder will give you a beautiful effect of rested and healthy skin. It is enough to emphasize the eyes with one layer of mascara on the eyelashes. On your cheeks, if you like, you can apply a little blush, or brush the places under your cheekbone with a bronzer. Gentle contouring of the face is most advisable. You can also play with strobing sensitively to mark spots on the face where the light naturally falls.

A surprising example of minimalist makeup are eyelashes matching the color of your skin. Instead of even slightly emphasizing them, as we have done so far, you can hide them by putting on mascara in a shade of light beige, pink, or peach. It sounds ridiculous at first, but it looks very interesting.

Look for cosmetics tailored to your complexion as accurately as possible so that they match your skin color well. In a natural-looking, minimalist makeup, you especially don’t want a mask effect that cuts off in a clear line from the neck and the rest of the body.

Healthy and moisturized skin without pimples is essential for your natural makeup to look good. Don’t forget to wash your face with a mild lotion or cleansing gel suited for your skin type. Remove carefully the remains of makeup and remember to use tonic and apply the cream on your face. At night, the skin will rest and absorb the nutrients from the cream. In the morning, you will enjoy radiant skin ready to put makeup on it.

For those who want to emphasize individuality

There is a neon line on the eyelid for those who prefer dramatic makeup. With the fluorescent eyeliner, you can paint eye-catching lines on your eyelids. Among the colors, makeup artists favor green, orange, and yellow. 

Yellow is one of the most energetic and joyful colors. It looks beautiful not only on the eyelids but also on the lips or nails. You can combine two colors, e.g., green and yellow, and highlight not only the upper eyelid but both. 

Nothing can prevent you from treating your face like a painter treats canvas and using cosmetics to conjure a masterpiece and express yourself. Makeup has long ceased to be all about covering up imperfections and highlighting the best features. If you feel like you can create an entirely new image, 2020 is a time for brave and spontaneous moves. It is worth leaving your comfort zone and focusing on creativity in makeup.

You can forget about matte lips. The recently forgotten lip glosses return to favor – they are colorless but leave a shiny, icing-like coating on your lips. This is a new dimension to wet-look in makeup!

This season, we apply makeup loosely. It’s about having fun and experimenting with colors. The eyelids will be dominated by lines in intense colors and bold eye shadows. You can choose one color or use many. Only your imagination limits you. Makeup can be conspicuous and does not have to look natural. We focus on fun, experiment and play with colors.


This year, you can mix both looks – minimalist and extrovert one. You can consider natural, glowy makeup as your everyday look and add some extra color for special occasions or in the evening. With natural makeup you would want to do the extra care of the skin, so it looks fresh. 

Remember that makeup is to suit your taste and to feel comfortable when wearing it. There is much less importance put on covering up the shortcomings. Naturalness and imperfections are now very fashionable and sexy. They show your confidence and courage. No one wants to slavishly stick to the guidelines of the type of beauty or colors currently used. Makeup 2020 means freedom.

©Paula Sieracka

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