The Barkley: Luxury Accommodation for Your Pet

This is not the first luxury hotel for pets  that we write about, but it’s definitely the best one in terms of luxe amenities and pampering services. The Barkley is located across the street from the Four Seasons hotel in L.A., which means that both you and your beloved pet can spend some magical days in extreme comfort. You won’t be far from your furry friend and you will be happy to know that it will receive just as much attention as you will at Four Seasons. Knowing that your cat or dog has fun in the pool, gets relaxing massages and even receives breakfast in bed, you too will feel free to relax during your stay at the hotel. Believed to boast “the highest level of luxury for pampered pets”, The Barkley is a home away from home for your faithful pet.

The Barkley Luxury Accommodation for Your Pet (4)

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