Swatch Sistem51 Watch Is Simple Yet Impressive

If you enjoy stylish and reliable watches that are not over-complicated, then you’ll surely appreciate what Swatch did with its Sistem51 timepiece. Featuring a minimalistic yet impressive design, this watch is powered by a special movement that includes no more than 51 parts, 5 modules and a single screw, which goes to prove that the reliability and performance of a watch shouldn’t be measured by the number of its components.

The watch wasn’t created by craftsmen and was put together by machinery instead, but that’s ok because machines rarely make mistakes. The movement that we mentioned before is a Swiss one, and it includes 19 jewels as well as a special anti-magnetic alloy called ARCAP.

With a power reserve of 90 hours, the Sistem51 by Swatch definitely has what it takes to be considered a high-end timepiece even though it costs no more than $150. There are 4 color variants available, namely translucent blue, black, white and translucent red. The dial comes in 3 different versions as well, and it boasts a representation of 19 “planets”, which actually signify the 19 jewels that were included in the movement.





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