Swarovski Vibration Plate Machine from Vibrogym

People choose the most unusual objects to decorate them with diamonds and crystals. A perfect example is The Diamond VG Evolution vibration plate machine from Vibrogym.

Believe it or not, this gym equipment features over 65,000 Swarovski Elements! You might even get confused when trying to find a place for it in your house. Should you put it in the exercise room or use it as a decoration in the living room?

Anyway, the best part about this machine is the fact that it actually is useful. Recent research shows that when properly used, vibration platform exercise devices can help weight loss and even trim abdominal fat. They improve sport performances and enhance fitness. Personal trainers in health clubs also use these machines when assisting their clients in recovering from injuries or other medical conditions.

The Diamond VG Evolution can even help you get rid of your cellulite! Now that’s one quality every woman looks for in a gym equipment. And to top it all off, training on this machine improves bone density.

Now all that is left for you to do is decide where would the £43,500 (or $69,240) Diamond VG Evolution look better in your home.

Available from:  http://www.vgymuk.com

Swarovski Vibration Plate Machine from Vibrogym

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