Surf Apparel Brands You Need to Check Out

Surfing is plenty of fun, and everyone who’s indulging in it certainly has a recognizable look. Back in the day, clothing didn’t even matter as much since surfers usually chilled shirtless and barefoot with having only shorts as a clothing item. Times have progressed since then, and quite so, there are even brands that cater only to surfers. Surf apparel became a serious thing, the clothes are usually more on the comfy side while still having that high-quality and fashionable but still keeping the 80s and 90s flair.  So there is no excuse to dress like whatever, surfing is all about being cool and chill, but with a little bit of effort you can look like that too! Depending on what you prefer, to look more casual or a bit dressier, you can find all the items that fit in your desired surf aesthetic.

Keeping it Chill

If you’re just dipping your toes in the surfing world, maybe you feel lost as to what’s acceptable to wear, what’s trendy, or what’s comfy. Well, you are in luck, since surf gear is one of the most chill, down to earth, comfortable clothing that you’ll ever come across. If you are not as invested in fashion as some are, this aesthetic is fairly easy to understand and get right. All you need is some basic clothing items to build a tour wardrobe’s foundation and add on to it when you figure out your styling preferences. This is probably the easiest surfer look to pull off as it’s the most relaxed and ‘’normal’’ looking. 

Getting your hands on some must-have surfer clothing items couldn’t be any easier, you can check out and shop Stussy clothing online and get everything you need with a click of a mouse. Also, don’t forget to check out some graphic tees and tote bags while you’re at it, they add cool surfer points for sure!

Relaxed but Classy

This might be a bit trickier thing to tackle, but it’s not impossible. As stated, surfers are pretty chill and free-spirited, so you can get away with a lot, the clothing items and styles aren’t limited, as both comfort and quality are always the top priority. So if you’re more on the dressier side but still want to look down to earth and relax, all you have to do is find cool-looking button-ups! These types of tops can dress up any outfit and give it a classier look. Yellow, peach, and blue are the go-to colors, but keep an eye on some cool designs, especially florals, since they are basically the iconic symbol of surfing in a way. 

So once you get your hands on one the desired button-up, put one some shorts, and you are good to go, it’s that easy. You’ll get the desired aesthetic but with style and class!

Sporty all the Way

If getting all dressed up and fancy just isn’t your thing, and you deem surfing way more important than clothes, you still have other options, so instead of going for a basic white tank top or going and some worn-out shorts, try getting your hands on some quality sporty apparel. Surfing is all about it, and if you feel lost as to what exactly to try reading some tips and look for brands that are specifically more on the sporty athletic style! Try to keep an open mind, you’d be surprised what style you could end up with!

Shoes Are Important too Sometimes

So yeah, sure, if you’re an avid surfer, chances are you don’t wear shoes a lot. But on the chance you do, you should probably throw away those extremely old flip flops that look like they’re disintegrating and opt for a new pair of shoes. When thinking about shoes, the weather of your current location will determine what type of shoe you wear. Thankfully the look you’re going for allows you to work around it. Before you grab that pair of flipflops, consider getting your hands on a pair of Vans or Converse. You’ll look put together, and you won’t melt from the heat!

Mix and Match

Here’s the charm in being a surfer, it’s okay to not care, so go wild with the outfits, mix and match, find cool prints, floral-all-over fit? Why not, what’s stopping you. Also, get yourself some cool bags like a fanny pack or a tote bag. Surfing is all about being free and maybe a bit rebellious, so this gives you absolutely no limitations as to what to wear. You should find clothing items that make you feel free and cool, just like the act of surfing does.

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