Stunning And Eccentric HM6 Space Pirate Watch By MB&F

If we were to ask you to name one normal-looking timepiece by MB&F, you’d probably have a hard time answering because this particular Swiss watchmaking company made a name for itself by designing and manufacturing eccentric and original timepieces. The new HM6 Space Pirate Watch is no exception. It was designed by Maximilian Büsser and a team of skilled artisans, and it is inspired by the manga story called “Mr. Future” that impressed Büsser when he was but a young boy.

The timepiece boasts four spheres, two of which allow the user to catch glimpses of its inner mechanisms. It also flaunts a tourbillion that can be admired through a central crystal, which can be covered with the help of a metallic eyelid. Two of the four spheres showcase the mechanisms that power the watch, while the other two are used to display the time.

It shouldn’t surprise you to find out that this is a highly exclusive piece that was created to be admired and showcased in museum displays or during special events. It was put together using Grade 5 titanium, it is limited to just 50 units and comes with a price tag of $230,000.

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