Steve McQueen Racing Jacket by Porsche Design

Whether we want to accept it or not, the cold season is getting closer and closer. While we can still fully enjoy our T-shirts and shorts, we shouldalso start to look for new fall items to upgrade our wardrobes. We know, the reality is a bit saddening, so allow us to make a shopping suggestion that might put a more flattering light on the situation.

For a new sports jacket we’d like to direct you towards Porsche Design who is celebrating Porsche’s return to Le Mans (2014) by launching this awesome blue racing-style jacket. As the red badge indicates and the interior lining confirms, the piece was also designed to evoke the awesomeness of Steve McQueen, both as a movie star and as a racing legend. Priced at almost $500, this could easily become your favorite clothing item for the upcoming season.