Space Invaders Ultimate Edition Watch By Romain Jerome

Those among you who enjoy classic video games will definitely be interested in learning about this particular marvel from Romain Jerome. The Swiss watchmaker decided to honor one of the world’s most popular arcade games, Space Invaders, which was released back in 1978. The Space Invaders Ultimate Edition timepiece boasts a 43mm steel case coated with black PVD, and it comes in 5 different color versions, namely yellow, white, blue, green and red.

Space Invaders Ultimate Edition Watch By Romain Jerome (3)The colors are showcased on the hour markers, strap seams and on a splendid representation of the renowned Space Invaders alien that can be admired on the dial. The watch is limited to 25 units, 5 for each color, and it features a rather expensive price tag of $7,150.

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