Size Isn’t Everything: Why You Should Consider A Smaller Cruise Ship

Many people are considering what their next vacation will be and although mega-sized cruise ships like the Norwegian Breakaway, a 2013 ship, have been all the rage in recent years, it’s time to think small.

Goodbye Mega Cruise Line…Hello Gulet Charter

When the Norwegian Breakaway first entered service eight years ago, she was the largest ship to ever port in New York City. The 4,000-passenger vessel, built by Norwegian Cruise Line, made 88 trips in its first two years – including extensive voyages down to Bermuda. The 144,000-ton vessel features boutique-style hotel rooms, massive dining halls, spas, rooftop pool decks, and all the bells and whistles you can imagine. And while ships like these are certainly popular among the masses, we’re entering into an entirely new world of travel where smaller ships will rule the marketplace.

Mega cruise liners like the Norwegian Breakaway are giving way to gulet charters and other small ships that promise a totally different (yet exceptional) travel experience. Here are a few of the reasons why travelers are turning to smaller cruise ships in 2021 and beyond:

1. White-Glove Service

The biggest advantage to traveling on a smaller cruise ship is the white-glove service and attention to detail guests get from the staff. Whether it’s a small ship with a single group of 10, or a slightly larger ship with 20 or 30 guests, you get experiences that you otherwise would not have on a megaship.

Take this Ionian gulet charter ship as an example. They include private beach stops, swim stops, guided tours, Captain’s dinners, and daily breakfast buffets from a private chef. You don’t get that on a large ship!

2. More Privacy

There’s something to be said for privacy. When you have just a handful of people on a ship, it allows you to enjoy your own space without feeling like you’re on top of thousands of other people. Whether you want to take a nap in your cabin, sunbathe on the deck, or play cards with friends, you get to architect your own experience.

3. Better Camaraderie

There’s something really special about being on a small cruise ship with just a handful of people – some friends and other strangers. You learn a lot about people when you’re out at sea together (even those you thought you knew well before).

Instead of relying on Vegas-style entertainment, movie theaters, and game rooms (like you get on a large cruise ship), you’re able to have conversations, play games, and get to know each other on a much more personal level.

4. More Relaxed

When most people plan a cruise, they do so for the relaxation it’s supposed to provide. Unfortunately, large cruise ships aren’t always as carefree as they seem. With ships that are three to four football fields in length, just trying to navigate the ship is enough to wear you out. Add long lines and crowds to the mix and you leave more stressed out than when you first boarded. With smaller ships, this is not the case.

Gulet charters and small yachts are much more laid back and relaxing. Navigating the boat is simple, and the smaller numbers mean you never have to wait very long for anything.

5. Superior Views

The typical cruise ship is so large that you can only see what’s directly in front of you. And unless you trek to the very top of the ship – which is like climbing a mountain – it’s impossible to see in all directions. Smaller cruise ships, on the other hand, provide 360-degree unabated views. This allows you to enjoy more sights and fewer distractions.

6. Unique Ports

Larger cruise ships are only able to port in very specific locations. Their size makes it impossible to pull into smaller coastal towns, quaint villages, or unique locales. With smaller ships, there are many more options. And when it does come time to port, the actual process is much quicker. Whereas it can take nearly an hour to get off a large ship, small ships mean you can step onto dry land within minutes.

Adding it All Up

Looking for a more intimate cruise experience that’s defined by luxury and attention to detail? Try booking a gulet charter or private yacht trip and experience the beauty of the high seas like never before.

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