Short Stopover in Bangkok? Tips and Suggestions

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If you are soon to find yourself in the City of Angels with a few days on your hands, an amazing experience awaits, and with so much to see and do in the sprawling city of Bangkok, you need to prioritise. Do some online research into local attractions within the city and check out the variation of transportation, which ranges from the metro to the narrow canals that interweave through the city, and if you don’t mind taking on Bangkok traffic, taxis and Tuk-Tuks await.

Boutique Hotels

There are several noted boutique hotels on Ratchada Road, which is a few minutes from Sukhumvit Rd, such as the trendy, a luxurious and affordable hotel that is perfectly located for sightseeing. There will be times when you have no desire to take on the midday heat and venture out into the city, and staying at the above hotel offers you a lot of choices, and whether you prefer Alacarte or a bar snack, there are some great menu selections.


The Bangkok metro is known as the Skytrain and if you stay on Ratchada Road, you are only a few minutes from Asoke Station, and then you can connect with other lines to reach most sectors of the inner city. A point worth noting, you can take the Skytrain from Suwwanaphumi Airport all the way to Huey Kwang and Ratchada Road, which would save you the cab ride, and if you are here for a short time, you won’t have much luggage. Here are a few outdoor activities for tourists, which makes for an informative read.

Canal Travel

If you are the adventurous type, why not take a canal longboat trip? These amazing vessels fly through the huge network of canals that inter-weave the city, and if you get off at one of the tranquil Buddhist temples, you will gain an insight into how the local people live. Most tourists are either unaware of the canal boats or don’t fancy the experience, but it is a great way to see the city, and many Thais use the canals to commute, as it is quicker than the bus.

Evening Entertainment

Bangkok is famed for its nightlife, and there are some great clubs along Ratchada Road that are open until 2am. You are only a short taxi ride from Soi Cowboy, where the neon lights and pretty girls are everywhere and you can have a drink in one of the many bars, and if you want to taste the hi-end club scene, head for Thong-Lor (Sukhumvit Soi 55) where you will find the young Thai elite partying until the early hours.

VAT Returns

If you buy electrical goods, for example, you can claim the VAT back at the airport upon departure, so make sure you tell the storekeeper that you are a tourist and they will help you to fill in the VAT return forms. Click here for information about Value Added Tax in Thailand.

Spend a few hours online researching places of interest in Bangkok, then book a boutique hotel on Ratchada Road and you will be staying in the best location.

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