Samsung Introduces the Outstanding 85 Inch Ultra HD S9TV

Boasting a price fit for a car, the new 85-inch Ultra HD TV from Samsung is a stunner. It is known as the UN85S9 and it will reportedly reach the stores soon (by the end of the month). If you value high quality and a lifelike visual experience of deep blacks, pure bright whites, plus a mind blowing resolution, you probably won’t feel it’s too much to pay $39,999 for a TV set.

This is reportedly the sharpest resolution screen among large format ones. It even boasts a 1.35-GHz A15 quad-core processor that helps it convert HD or full HD images to UHD quality, for an even more impressive picture quality.

The design is pretty cool as well, the UN85S9 being a floating display with a minimalist surrounding frame. The Really interesting thing about this frame is that it features a built-in microphone (through which it can take voice commands) and sound bars that can put out 3-way 2.2 channels of 120 watt sound.

Another exciting feature of the S9 is the Smart Hub technology, which includes 5 panels for apps, social content, on-demand videos, TV program guides, and even personalized suggestions for what to watch next based on your viewing history. It all sounds great, but frankly we can’t wait to see what the 95-inch and 110-inch versions will bring to the table!





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