Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Iron Man Smartphone

I guess it’s fitting that one of the most technologically advanced heroes in the Marvel universe, Iron Man, would be associated with one of the most powerful smartphones available on the market presently. The limited edition Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Iron Man smartphone flaunts a red makeover as well as golden touches that allow it to stand out in a crowd. The handset is normally worth between $2,800 to $4,000, which is a bit much considering that the standard version costs no more than $800 without contract.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Iron Man Smartphone 1

However, a Chinese retailer named organized an auction for one of these smartphones, and that particular gadget managed to sell for the whopping sum of $91,600. The reason for this is actually related to superstition, as that gadget featured the serial number 66, which is considered very lucky in Chinese culture.

Limited to 1,000 units, the Iron Man S6 Edge flaunts a 16MP camera as well as Corning Gorilla Glass 4. It also comes with a wireless charging station that resembles Iron Man’s chest plate. The phone’s interface has been redesigned to include numerous Iron Man-related colors, wallpapers and icons. It’s a great looking device, no doubt about it, but spending $91,000 on it is probably a bit excessive.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Iron Man Smartphone 3

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Iron Man Smartphone 2

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