Richard Brandon’s Necker Island is Back in the Game

Back in 2011, Hurricane Irene mercilessly hit the US East Coast and much of the Caribbean. On its devastating path there was a posh tropical getaway called Necker Island. The 74-acre property belongs to Sir Richard Branson and it is part of the exclusive Virgin Limited Edition collection. Two years after it was completely torn down by the cyclone, the private island is finally almost ready to welcome new guests.

And because something good really can come out of every bad thing, the high-end resort is not only completely rebuilt, but it also boasts a few upgrades and innovative touches that make it even more alluring than before. The Balinese style of the original buildings is still there, and the every bedroom boasts its own en-suite bathroom, huge king-size bed and balcony.

The views are breathtaking over the Caribbean and the nearby islands. This paradisiacal getaway can be booked for up to 30 guests at a time, but there is also the possibility to get only one room if you want to visit the island alone or with your better half during special Celebration Weeks at Necker. After its official reopening this September, the island will be ready for hire at £40,000 (approx. $61,000) per night.