Project Z6 Blue Edition Watch from Harry Winston

Built around Harry Winston’s hand wound mechanical caliber HW1010, Project Z6 Blue Edition is the latest addition to the brand’s awesome Project Z series. Enchanting us with a fresh modern design, the watch sports a lightweight and highly resistant case made of Zalium, the collection’s signature metal.

Zalium is a special aerospace-grade zirconium alloy that surpasses titanium in terms of strength. It is also non allergic, which makes it an excellent choice for people with sensitive skin. The new Project Z6 Blue Edition has the case finished with diamond like carbon (DLC), which adds extra resistance to the timepiece.

Among its best features is the intricate alarm function with a minute repeater style hammer that produces a distinct, crisp sound as it strikes the gong. It’s fascinating to see the 338-part movement do its magic on the dial, and the experience is enhanced every time the alarm rings.