Post-Pandemic Wedding Planning Back on Track? 8 Tips For Moving Forward

Post-Pandemic Wedding Planning Back on Track? 8 Tips For Moving Forward

The past two years have been incredibly hard for all of us, but possibly more for those who wanted to plan a wedding. Many couples had to postpone or even cancel their big day.

Now that the country is reopening, loving pairs are getting back on track. Here are eight tips to help you plan your wedding in 2022.

1. Choose Your Wedding Rings at Home

At the top of your list of wedding expenses will be the purchase that’ll last a lifetime. Selecting your wedding rings doesn’t necessarily mean you have to travel physically to a brick-and-mortar store. Frank Darling gives you the option to try out various wedding bands at home.

2. Plan Far Ahead of Time

Many event spaces, wedding venues, and vendors are experiencing a flood of inquiries for the coming year. Most of the popular days and months throughout 2022 are already booked up. Having to push out your wedding date could mean having to wait until 2023.

That doesn’t mean you should wait any longer to start viewing and booking your vendors. Begin the process now so you can ensure you reserve your ideal date.

3. Revisit Your Budget

Because many vendors are now in high demand, there’s a strong chance their pricing has changed, as well, or is about to. You may find yourself having to pay out more than you anticipated.

Take a good look through your budget and revisit where you intended to allocate all your funds. A great tip is to look at potential off seasons or schedule your wedding during the week.

These shifts could reduce some of the extra costs you might incur. Call any previous vendors you signed with to find out whether you can be grandfathered into the price you previously had discussed.

4. Hire a Wedding Planner

If planning your wedding post-pandemic seems too stressful or overwhelming, why not hire a wedding planner? They have professional experience working in all types of conditions, and they have a large network of preferred vendors who might be able to serve you on short notice.

5. Take It Virtual

Something you may not have previously considered doing for your wedding before the Covid-19 pandemic was to offer your guests the option to attend virtually. This has become an option many vendors now offer. Your wedding and reception may be live-streamed so guests who feel they cannot attend will be able to share in the experience.

6. Be Willing to Be Flexible

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that we have to learn to be flexible. This includes potential guests or people from your bridal party who can no longer attend, to making adjustments with your vendors if necessary.

7. Keep Everyone In the Loop

Your guests are one of the main facets of your wedding. Perhaps you’ve blocked out hotel rooms, made food arrangements based on everyone’s dietary needs, and taken each person into account when choosing a large-enough venue.

Now that you’re planning a rescheduled wedding, you hope to keep all your previous guests who sent an RSVP in the loop. A great way to do this is through a wedding website.

Make all the accommodation, travel, and other updated wedding information available there. You can also send out an email blast to your guests to let them know where to obtain all the essential details.

8. Focus On What Matters

Your wedding day might be taken up with planning and guest updates, but it’s critical to take a breath and remember what this day is really all about. You and your partner finally get the opportunity to combine two families into one.

Only keep the traditions and details that truly speak to you as a couple. Everything else is simply extra.


Moving forward with your wedding plans in 2022 might look a lot different from the way it did before the global pandemic entered the equation. Don’t let that stifle you.

There are still ample opportunities to have your dream wedding. Just remember to stay flexible and intentional with your planning.