A Bride’s Guide to Planning a 2021 Wedding

With the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, the year 2020 has seen many restrictions in the way we live and carry out social occasions, including hosting weddings. However, as a bride, it is crucial to plan a wedding for the upcoming year. Your special occasion will be among the most significant moments in your life. To help you organize your unforgettable event, here is our ultimate bride’s guide to planning a memorable 2021 wedding.

1. Set Up Your 2021 Budget

The most important part of planning a wedding is to factor in a working budget to account for all the expenditure, such as food service, the venue’s costs, and rentals. Due to COVID-19, most of us underwent severe financial hardship to cope with extreme circumstances. While recovering from a financial impediment will take some time and effort, the year 2020 gives you ample time to plan and strategically set your wedding budget.

More so, with avenues and business establishments reopening, many commodities will be made cheaper to accommodate for lost business. Therefore, when it comes to setting up your 2021 budget, seize these opportunities. Furthermore, you may decide to seek the assistance of your parents or other contributors to amass the total value of your budget, allowing more financial flexibility if things seem tight.

2. Set Up the Color Theme

From the wedding reception to your bridesmaids’ attire, picking the right colors can severely influence the occasion’s mood and the people around, depending on the intended theme.

Therefore, it’s essential to contemplate the color theme of your desired wedding. Look for sources of inspiration from magazines, designers, or online platforms, such as Pinterest and Instagram. Whether it’s a vibrant, mellow, or a classic vibe, a color theme is an integral part of any wedding.

3. Create Your Guest List

Like any wedding, your guests’ presence plays a vital role in your reception’s overall atmosphere, unless you opt for a private wedding. That said, you need to cater to the specific number of guests on your list. With a guest list, you will smoothly plan your weddings like securing a venue that can accommodate all your guests or hiring an adequate catering team to serve food and drinks.

More so, a guest list requires invitation. Depending on how you plan to go about it, a more traditional option would be an invitation letter. Therefore, as you set up your list, take some thought into the method of invitation.

4. Set A Date

When it comes to picking out the right date for your wedding, you need to consider any particular clashes in your guests’ and groom’s routine, and schedule as a bride. This will help when selecting the dates for renting your wedding venue. While 2021 is a few months away, you need to set a date, and lock it as soon as possible. Furthermore, avoid dates on holidays, birthdays, or any other special occasion as it will only affect your guests’ attendance.

More so, the date and season you decide to stick with can influence the amount you’ll spend on hiring a venue as weekend nights and summer can be competitive; ultimately, they will be more expensive.

5. Chose the Venue

With a budget, theme, and guest list in place, you need to secure a venue. When scouting for an ideal venue, peruse online reviews or ask family and friends for recommended places to rent for your wedding reception. Together with your groom, take some time off to pay a visit to the potential venue and decide whether it fits your concept of a dream location.

In Summary

COVID-19 has adversely changed the plans of many, including weddings scheduled in 2020. However, as the bride postponing your wedding for the upcoming year can be daunting. With these tips, you can organize the wedding of your dreams with ease.

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