Outstanding Horological Masterpiece: The Hippocampus Clock

A true mechanical masterpiece, this amazing clock is a work of art and extreme precision. It was unveiled at the MB&F M.A.D. Gallery in Geneva together with other remarkable clocks. Called Hippocampus, this particular piece is obviously no ordinary time telling machine, so let us tell you more about it.

The mastermind behind the clock is Miki Eleta, a Zurich-based precision watchmaker with a very interesting history. He moved from Bosnia-Herzegovina, his native country, to Switzerland when he was in his early 20s in order to follow his love for music. However, things didn’t happen exactly the way he had planned, and he finally ended up working as a kinetic sculptor.

He was very good at what he did, but in 2001 one client of his dared to question his ability to work with excellent precision. Well, never underestimate a passionate and ambitious person’s capacity for greatness! This seemingly unimportant event determined Eleta to start learning to create extremely accurate timepieces on his own. He did so in only one year, and from here his career and fame have been enjoying constant growth.

Now he is acclaimed for his original, intricate and innovative timepieces, and the Hippocampus is one of them. The watch shows the time on two retrograde indicators, with the hours being displayed on the right, and the minutes on the left. The mechanism that powers this 2.8 meters (over 9 feet) tall device is clearly visible through a transparent casing. It looks like a wonderful piece of mechanical lace, with fine details and numerous different components.

The clock flaunts a unique escapement, designed by the artist himself and aptly named Eleta Escapement. The counterweight has a lovely seahorse shape that adds more charm to the whole device. However, the most amazing thing about the Hippocampus is its chiming complication. Believe it or not, the clock can mechanically generate enough chimes so that each one is only repeatable after a whole century! Each hour is marked by a unique melody, leaving no room for monotony and predictability in the owner’s house. What a wonder!