Outstanding G-Shock GDX6900 Series by Casio

When it comes to watches, men usually look for something that oozes masculinity and power, and while many watchmakers strive to make their creations appealing through edgy designs and outstanding performance, one problem still remains: size. You see, men that are somewhat bigger than usual have trouble in finding a normal-sized watch that would look good on their wrists, which is why Casio took the initiative and created the G-Shock GDX6900 Series, which looks similar to the normal 6900 model except it is larger by 10%.

There are some unique details featured by the models of this new collection, including translucent resin casings and some exquisite silver and gold metallic details. The series includes four distinct watches that individualize themselves through different combinations of color, while the technological details remain the same.

Sturdy, masculine and technologically advanced, the new G-Shock GDX6900 Series watches are truly impressive Casio masterpieces.





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