One Day in Winteringham Fields’ Kitchen for $1,000

One Day in Winteringham Fields Kitchen

If you are the cook kind of woman or the perfect man that likes to fix a nice dinner for his beloved, then you might enjoy spending a day in a luxury kitchen. Here is the perfect opportunity for you: Winteringham Fields’ chef and patron Coin McGurran decided he wants to offer a day to remember to his guests.

For £595 (about $935,650) per person or £695 (about $1,100) per couple, you can enjoy a unique luxury experience in Winteringham, North Lincolnshire, UK. For one day you will be part of Colin’s team, starting with the morning kitchen preparations and ending with cooking a delicious lunch.

Don’t worry, the chef himself will be there to guide you through every step, especially in the areas where you need more assistance or for the parts that you are most interested in.

The rest of the day will be yours to spend in any of the luxury bedroom suites of the restaurant – you may choose which one you like the most. Then when dinner time comes you will be offered Field’s famous Menu Surprise and Sommelier’s selection of wine. A perfect day for Valentine’s, we’d say.

One Day in Winteringham Fields KitchenOne Day in Winteringham Fields Kitchen