Omega Unveils the Innovative Constellation Sedna Watch

Innovative watch making is never only about advanced movements and new complications. It is also about newly developed materials meant to ensure high quality and reliable sturdiness. The latest such material is a new 18-carat rose gold alloy called Sedna. The material is not only luxurious and good looking, but also incredibly resistant to a wide range of aggressions and shocks.

Developed by Omega Watches, the material found its way onto a very special timepiece, the Omega Constellation Sedna limited edition watch, available in only 1952 units – the year when the watch manufacturer launched the Constellation series. The innovative material was used for the case, the indexes, the hands, and the clasp of the strap. The brushed bezel features Roman numerals to make time reading more facile. As another reminder of old Constellation watches, this new model features silver pie-pan dials like those of yore.

Inside the case there is a Co-Axial calibre 8501 movement and an innovate Si14 silicone balance spring, while a sapphire crystal caseback allows onlookers to gaze at the mechanism. The watch is water resistant to up to 100 meters.

Speaking of water, Sedna is also the name of an Inuit goddess that was believed to live at the bottom of the Arctic Ocean. Another source of inspiration for the name was the trans-Neptunian reddest object whom scientists called Sedna. The alloy bearing this name is a mix of 3 precious metals: rose gold, palladium, and copper.