Off-Grid Travel Experiences In Style: A How To Guide

The choice in choosing how to do vacations and trips is usually a choice between luxury and style or going for off the beaten track experiences. It’s not necessarily a one or the other straight choice all of the time though and we can see how there are some ways to combine the two.

There Are Some Remote Luxury Resorts

Firstly if we take the time to look around there are some stunning luxury resorts in some really out of the way locations, as we can see these are hardly crumbling shacks and you can take the trip safe in the knowledge that you can return to tell your friends of the unique experience you’ve had that they will surely be jealous of!

Get A Good Tour Company To Go In Style

If you are looking for some adventure and are keen on active holidays but still want to end the day in nice surroundings and the expected luxuries of a proper vacation then it can be done. The key is to find an operator to book through that can arrange a series of luxury accommodation along the way such as this example of how to do the Great Glen Way in the Scottish Highlands. You really are literally finding the best of both worlds here and you’ll see some wonderful sights without having to worry if you are going to sleep well or enjoy a good meal at the end of the day.

Bring Your Own Accommodation

You can sleep in relative luxury these days in a mobile home, many RVs are as nice as staying in fixed accommodation with proper furniture, entertainment systems, heating and showering. It might take a bit of getting used to but this living in a van guide is very helpful to give some expert pointers as to how to best use the space and what to expect from this type of travel.

Cruise To Strange Places

One of the absolute best ways to travel to remote places and see some wonderful sights without compromising on some of the more luxurious aspects of being away. A good cruise ship is essentially a 5 star hotel on the sea, it has restaurants, leisure facilities, stores, bars and clubs and is as fun as any resort I’ve ever been to. Here are some really cool places that are only really available to cruise to as an example of the joyous cruises you could choose from.

Have The Hotel Brought To You

If you are looking to a destination and there just isn’t any good accommodation available anywhere near where you want to be then why not have the accommodation come to you? I recently stumbled on this fascinating thing, a portable 5 star hotel which apparently can go anywhere! It can be delivered on the back of a truck and so long as your destination has road access then it would be a feasible option, I can honestly say it’s one of the most fascinating finds I’ve come across recently.

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