Nike Unveils the Year of the Snake Air Force 1 sneakers

Nike Unveils the Year of the Snake Air Force 1 sneakers (11)

For the upcoming Chinese Year of the Snake, which will officially begin on February 10, Nike has got a brand new version of the world-famous Air Force 1 sneakers. The footwear is available in two versions: a low-cut and a high cut model, each one boasting a different combination of colors and textures.

The Low version flaunts a lot of red leather, complemented by snake skin-like applications, also in red. The all-famous Nike swoosh is black leather, and there is also a wrap-around sidewall made of a material that again looks like snake skin. A nice contrast is given by the purple strap on the outer sole and the matching purple interior lining.

The Low model features snake skin patterns  in black, red (for the Swoosh) and natural brownish tones. The base color is black and it has a fine, smooth leather texture. The ankle cuff is also snake skin-like in texture.

Nike’s last exquisite Air Force 1 model was launched after the spectacular 2012 Olympics, where Team USA secured 46 gold medals. They were called Team USA Gold Medals  and they were stunning!