Nail It! 5 Tips to Start Building a Home You’ve Always Wanted

You may be at the point in your life where you want to settle somewhere permanent in the long run, a place that you can call home. Home ownership has its advantages, such as mortgage interest deduction and, of course, the option to create something that reflects your style and preference.  

In building your home, you can play as your contractor or oversee the construction in the sidelines. This is why so many homeowners are pursuing knock down rebuilds. Either way, the work lies in the details and energies for this great home venture to commence in the right direction.

Jump-Starting Your Dream Home Project

It’s a common scenario: the existing or already-constructed homes are not doing anything for you. So you decide to take the matter in your own hands and build your home from scratch.

You are lucky if you are among the few who are skilled in carpentry and custom-house building.  But don’t fret if you are not; you can tap home building contractors who will do the job of executing the grand design for your home into reality. Either way, get everything in order with these tips to jump-start your home building project.

Tip 1: Survey the Place

Your agenda is to spot the best location for your dream home. It can be a neighborhood near your workplace, a school, a convenience store, or perhaps a shopping strip. Security and traffic are also top considerations.

This discussion leads you to a very significant matter to consider: the budget. How much are you willing to shell out for the land? Are you taking out a loan to build the home? How much is the general value of the homes in the area?

Tip 2: Design Your Home

It’s time to bring out that rough sketch that has been sitting in your drawer. Based on your budget and the lay of the land, work out the details of your dream home. Map out the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, the dining and living room areas, and the interaction between the indoor and outdoor space, as Architectural Digest points out.

Get inspiration from as many sources, and print out images for easy visualization.

Tip 3: Shop Around for Fixtures

Shopping around for home fixtures is beneficial because it brings the costs down by not settling on what’s readily available. Of course, you get to find what you like, from the bulkiest bed to the smallest detail like your curtain rod, perhaps.

It’s also on you to shop for tiles, faucets, and cabinets that go with your extra bathroom. Think of buying a macerator toilet system that allows you to install a bath without the additional task and cost of plumbing work.

Tip 4: Select the Builder

Take time to shop for contractors because you will work with them for the design and the construction supplies you need for your new home. More importantly, the integrity and soundness of the structure also depend on their work with them following the existing building codes and standards for everyone’s safety.

Do your due diligence on local contracting companies; research their reputation, specialization, and more importantly, their track record. Ask for quotes to set a reasonable expectation on the construction costs.

Tip 5: Work with a Timeline

You can avoid overspending or taking on additional debt if you follow a definite timeline for the construction work. Notwithstanding that, factor in delays in your schedule. It will also help if you play an active role in overseeing the project to make sure that no time or material goes to waste.

It may look like overthinking on your part, but subject your new home to allergy and mold testing as early as now. Molds don’t discriminate homes, be these homes existing or under construction; the molds’ existence can pose health threats or cause allergies.

Home is where you put all your heart and effort to build and create. How did you start building the house you’ve always wanted? Leave a comment below.

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