Most Expensive Properties Sold in the U.S.

Over the last few years some truly impressive real estate sales have been made in the U.S. The most recent one is that of a remarkable chateau-like residence in Silicon Valley who found a new owner in Yuri Milner.  With a mind-boggling price of $100 million, this one is also the first entry on our top ten list of the most expensive properties sold in the U.S.

1. Yuri Milner’s Silicon Valley residence (Bought in 2011 for $100 million)

Yuri Milner’s Silicon Valley residence This palatial mansion in California, offering dramatic views of the San Francisco Bay, was bought with $100 million, even though its new owner doesn’t plan on moving in it any time soon. The exorbitant price is the highest one ever paid for a single-family residence in the U.S. While San Francisco has a lot of luxury real estate, there are more extravagant mansions for sale through socal home buyers in orange county.

2. Dmitri Rybolovlev ‘s Palm Beach estate (Bought in 2088 for $95 million)

Dmitri Rybolovlev ‘s Palm Beach estate The gorgeous property used to belong to Donald Trump, who bought it in 2004 for $41.4 million. Four years later he sold it to the Russian billionaire for over twice as much: $95 million. The amazing waterfront residence offers 33,000 square feet of space.

3. Gary Winnick’s Bel Air estate (Bought in 2000-2001 for some $94 million)

Gary Winnick’s Bel Air estate Garry Winnick, the former chairman of Global Crossing, bought this mansion with its 28,725 square feet of living space, sometime around 2000-2001. The magnificent residence has got 20 bathrooms, so one can only imagine how many rooms and luxury amenities it must hold.

4. Dwight Schar’s Palm Beach home (Bought in 2004-2005 for $86.5 million)

Dwight Schar’s Palm Beach home The CEO and chairman of NVR Inc., bought this property in Florida sometime between 2004-2005. It cost him $86.5 million and it has seven bedrooms, eighteen bathrooms and a lot of luxe amenities, including a home theater, a gym and a spa. There is also a large outdoor pool and a pool house on the property.

5. J. Christopher Flowers’ Manhattan mansion (Bought in 2006 for $53 million)

J. Christopher Flowers’ Manhattan mansion The 20,000 square-foot residence is a truly luxurious single-family home in Manhattan, situated on East 75th Street. The founder of J.C. Flowers & Co. (an investment company) bought the house in 2006 for a whopping $53 million.

6.  Harry Macklowe’s Plaza Hotel condo (Bought in 2007 for $51.5 million)

Harry Macklowe’s Plaza Hotel condo Situated on the seventh floor of the luxurious Plaza Hotel in Manhattan, this particular condominium was bought in 2007 by Harry Macklowe. He paid no less than $51.1 million for the 13,000 square-foot condo.

7.  “Le Belvedere”, bought by an Anonymous LLC (Bought in 2010 for $50 million)

“Le Belvedere” bought by an Anonymous LLC With 10 bedrooms, 14 bathrooms, a grand ballroom, a 5,000-wine bottle cellar, a Turkish steam bath room, a screening gym, a game room, a Moroccan entertaining room, an infinity pool and even an industrial pizza oven in the kitchen, this amazing residence was sold in 2010 to an anonymous LLC for $50 million.

8. Len Blavatnik’s Manhattan townhouse (bought in 2007 for $50 million)

Len Blavatnik’s Manhattan townhouse Another Russian magnate on our list is Len Blavatnik. His mansion can be seen on 15 East 64th Street and you might find it interesting to know that it was the second biggest N.Y. townhouse sale in 2007. The previous owner of the house is said to have paid only $4.375 million on it in 1994.

9. Tommy Mottola’s Crystal Island Ranch (bought in 2006 for $47 million)

Tommy Mottola’s Crystal Island Ranch Located near Aspen, Colorado, this is a truly beautiful estate, for which Mottola paid $47 million back in 2006. The ranch includes a 12,000 square-foot house, a barn with a guest house, two cabins and much more. The landscapes alone are worth all the money.

10.  Roland Arnall’s Mandalay Ranch (Bought in 2004 for $46 million)

Roland Arnall’s Mandalay Ranch American film mogul Peter Guber sold this lovely 650-acre ranch in 2004. He asked $46 million for it and he got the money from the late Ronald Arnall, a French-born American businessman and diplomat. Aside from the beautiful 15,000 square-foot home with 7 bedrooms and 7 ½ bathrooms, the property also included wildflower meadows and lovely ponds.


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