Most Expensive Potatoes in the World: La Bonnette

We’ve already had the world’s most expensive grapes  featured on our site, so why not write about the world’s most expensive potatoes too? The actual vegetables (not some precious metal replica or crystal-adorned sculpture) are priced at up to £400 per kilogram (some $655) and are usually grown on the Noirmoutier island off France. The soil there is very special, containing seaweed and algae which give the potatoes a unique salty and earthy flavor.

But this is not the only thing that gives the vegetables their steep price. It’s the harvesting method that costs the most. Since the potatoes are too fragile to be harvested by machines, they have to be handpicked – and we are talking about approximately 20,000 kilos (some 44,000 pounds) each year.

Called La Bonnette, this potato variety can now also be grown in Jersey, because according to the specialists who analyzed the situation, the climate of the Channel Islands is similar to that of Noirmoutier. These crops however will be less expensive and one kilogram of La Bonnette potatoes will be priced at only £2.65 (approx. $4.35).

Most Expensive Potatoes in the World La Bonnette


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