Most Expensive Christmas Feast by Chef Ben Spalding: £125,000

How much are you willing to pay for a memorable Christmas feast? If your answer includes the words “no limit”, then you won’t find the £125,000 (over $201,000) price outrageous, but rather intriguing. So who put together such an opulent meal and what does the feast consist of?

The mastermind behind this lavish offer is talented chef Ben Spalding, who envisioned an opulent dinner out for four people who love to enjoy all the good things in life, including exclusive mouth-watering experiences. So here is what the menu sais for a royal dinner with exotic foods from around the world.

Prepare yourself for luxe ingredients such as £5,000 Almas caviar, £2.500 Yubari King from China, £3,500 whole white truffle and saffron, 150 year old balsamic vinegar, £5,000 Akbari Pistachios, and much more. You should also get ready for a taste of a rare breed of turkey seasoned with £5,000 Wagyu beef fillet and heart, and covered with pure 50-carat edible gold leaf worth £6,000.

Another thing that caught our attention was the use of extremely rare and expensive coffee beans that reach the customers only after being excreted by Asian palm civets. These beans make the most expensive coffee  in the world, with a dreamy taste that is absolutely to die for. Finally, the feast is completed with a heavenly dessert served on a £1,500 Ugandan vanilla plate, and which includes £3,000 Kopi Luwak, plus a rare seedless watermelon (called Densuke) and which only grows on Hokkaido island in Japan.

All these prohibitively expensive ingredients raise the price of the opulent Christmas dinner to the mind boggling price of £125,000, but connoisseurs know that the experience is worth every penny. The feast is exclusively available via





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