Mind Bogglingly Expensive Terra Nera Coffe at Harrods

Coffee is more than an effective way to get your first energy boost in the morning. It is also an excellent choice when you feel like cuddling up in your favorite armchair with a good book in your hand, and a wonderful means of giving an already good day a little bit of extra flavor. But for some, coffee must also be a statement, so they have to choose the best and most expensive kind there is.

For these few rich coffee drinkers, Harrods sells the exquisite Terra Nera coffee from Quechua, the Peruvian Andes. Priced between £140 and a whopping £6,800 (approx. $225 to $10,900), this is obviously the most expensive coffee in the world. Prices vary depending on grade and quantity.

Now for the not-so-appealing story behind these special beans. In order to obtain their unique flavor, the beans have to pass through the digestive system of civet palm cats. Yes, this means that the beans have to be excreted by the very cute little creatures that actually look much different from what you might call a regular cat.

The ingested, then excreted beans are collected and then processed right there in the jungle. They are washed and dried in a specific way, thus ensuring the best possible aroma for your every cup. What makes the coffee so expensive is the fact that only about 45 kg of Terra Nera can be produced in one year. You can only buy it after making a pre-order, and the black gems will be delivered to you in a Kraft paper pouch with freshness valve.

It is available in six different grades, with the best and most expensive one being grade 0. The latter is delivered in solid Britannia sterling silver and 24 carat gold plated sacks, hand made by silversmith Rebecca H. Joselyn. They come with special engravings that prove the coffee’s exclusive character. For orders that surpass half a kilogram, Harrods will also offer a complimentary coffee machine.



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