Most Expensive Boutiques in America

Oscar de la Renta, New York City

If you’re the kind of person who can only be satisfied with a purchase when they spent a fortune on it, then you might want to know exactly what stores in the U.S. will give you that satisfaction. Here we have a short list with some of the most expensive boutiques in the States, just for you. This is only a top 5, but five expensive stores should be enough to set you back several hundred dollars in a short shopping spree. Have fun!

5. Maxfield, L.A.Maxfield, L.A.

Whenever you need to accessorize a luxe outfit, Maxfield, Los Angeles is the place to go! Men and women alike can find everything they need here, for an average receipt price of $2,258.

4. Akris, New York CityAkris, New York City

With an average receipt price of $2,649, Akris, New York has got some of the most exquisite clothes for women. Taylor made with luxe fabrics, everything here is worth every penny.

3. Loro Piana, BostonLoro Piana, Boston

The average receipt price at Loro Piana, Boston is $2,818. Both women and men can find high-end clothing here with hefty price tags.

2. Armani, New York CityArmani, New York City

Number two in the top is Armani, with its luxurious New York City boutique. The average receipt price here is of $2,881 and everybody knows why! Armani spells style and money like few other names do.

1. Oscar de la Renta, New York CityOscar de la Renta, New York City

The shop that crossed the $3,000 threshold for the average receipt price in America is the opulent Oscar de la Renta in New York. The average bill here comes to a whopping $3,217!