Most Expensive Adolf Hitler Memorabilia Sold at Auction

Whenever an Adolf Hitler item hits the auction block, a serious bidding war is bound to start. Even though his political and social convictions led to the death of millions, his fame and (evil) genius cannot be denied. As a result, some people have spent millions of dollars on a few personal belongings of Hitler. Here you have a list of the most expensive Adolf Hitler memorabilia sold at auction.

1.  Hitler’s Race Car: $15 million

Hitler Commissioned Racing Car

The 1939 Auto-union D-type in the picture was supposed to be sold by Christie’s, but it had to be pulled out from the sale. The reason? Improper information about its history. It was part of Joseph Stalin’s fleet.

2. Hitler’s Mercedes: $8 million

Hitler’s Mercedes Benz car

Bought by a Russian Billionaire in 2009, this exquisite Mercedes-Benz 770K was once part of Hitler’s personal fleet. The 770K luxury cars were produced between 1930 and 1943 and were mostly used as state vehicles by governments.

3.  Hitler’s Desk: $1 million

Adolf Hitler's personal desk set, up for auction

On the brass top of this desk some very important documents were signed. One of them was the 1938 Munich Agreement, signed by Nazi Germany, Italy, France and the U.K., and which gave Hitler free hand to bring Czechoslovakia’s Sudetenland into the German territory. Before World War II started however, the agreement was torn to pieces. This desk used to belong to a lawyer in Houston who later donated it to auction.

4.  Hitler’s 1939 Fiat Torpedo: $377,000

Fiat that chauffeured Hitler

This vehicle has a strong claim to fame: it took Hitler, Mussolini and General Franco around Rome when the King of Italy invited them to visit. Then, after World War II ended, the classy Fiat became the official vehicle of the prime minister of Italy.

5.  Hitler’s Art: over $143,000

Hitler’s paintings

A series of 13 pictures, painted by a young Adolf Hitler between 1908 and 1914 sold in 2009 for some really high prices, even though they were not artistically revolutionary in any way. The mere fact that it was signed A.H. was enough for the lot to go for over $143,000. Hitler had to abandon his artistic career after being rejected twice by the Academy of Fine Arts in 1907 and in 1908 respectively.

some of the bottles in Hitler’s collection were injected with cyanide through the corks. So the person who shelled out over $2,000 for it will certainly never taste the contents.

6.  Autographed Mein Kampf: $48,000

Hitler autographed Mein Kempf

This very rare copy of Hitler’s Mein Kampf is special for two reasons. First, because it is part of the rarest edition of the book, bearing the 1925 imprint. Second, because it is one of the very few copies personally signed by its author.

7.   Hitler’s Globe: $15,000-$20,000

Hitler’s Globe

No one can know for sure just how many times Hitler used this globe for is invasive military plans, but we reckon he gazed at it quite often. After World War II, an American soldier, named James Barsamian found this item in Hitler’s office, but only revealed it to the public when he decided to auction it off in 2007.

8.   Hitler’s Cutlery: $16,180

Hitler’s set of cutlery

Said to be engraved with the Führer’s name, these pieces of cutlery were used by Hitler and Eva Braun, his mistress, while they stayed at the former Chancellor’s mountain retreat.

9.   Hitler’s Wine Glasses: $12,951

Hitler’s set of wine glasses

This set represents one of the most sought after military memorabilia. The glasses are believed to have been used by Hitler while staying late at work. Although there is no conclusive evidence to support this belief, bidders still found the set precious enough to be willing to shell out thousands of dollars for it. Each glass is etched with Hitler’s initials, the Swastika and the spread-winged eagle.

10.  Hitler’s Bottle of Champagne: $2,271

Hitler’s Champagne bottle

This particular bottle of 1937 Moët and Chandon is believed to come from Hitler’s personal wine cellar at his Munich residence. You wonder why the cork is still on? First of all, champagne does not age well, but this is by far the least important reason for not opening the bottle. There is also a rumor that  sais

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