Modern Residence in Lebanon

Tall and imposing, this contemporary residence in Lebanon is the only one of its kind in the area. All the houses around it are built in a traditional manner, while the Ghazale Residence is a three-story tall display of modern architecture and design.

The exterior walls are wrapped in basalt stone (grey and white) and architectural concrete. To complete the picture, the architects – Sahar Ghazale and Gilbert Zarka – added some large volumetric elements like the 13 meters (42.65 feet) high chimney or the concrete pergolas. The basalt stone from the exterior is also present on some of the inside walls. This goes very well with the other neutral tones that dominate the luxury home.

You can notice the owner’s love for plants and nature right from a first glance. The beautifully landscaped garden sais it all. Since he wanted all his plants to do well near his home, the owner asked for many water features to be part of his garden. The result is spectacular and it only prepares the guest for the luxury spectacle inside.

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