Modern Noah’s Ark by Remistudio

Modern Noah's Ark by Remistudio 1

Movies like ‘2012’ or other apocalyptic stories make you wonder if building a Noah’s ark is really a viable solution in case of a major catastrophe. By now everybody should know that nature is much more powerful than us, humans. But that doesn’t mean we can’t try inventing new ways of escaping natural disasters.

One such project is a modern Noah’s Ark by Remistudio which is a floating hotel that works like a self-sustaining environment. Thanks to its shell-like shape and a clever weigh distribution, the structure is said to resist any earthquake. It can also face dramatic climate changes, featuring a well balanced heat distribution.

Water and power are provided through rainwater collecting systems and solar panels. The fact that the structure is almost completely transparent ensures enough light for the plants to have a proper photosynthesis and for people to enjoy natural light.

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