Migaloo Submarine Yacht – The Ultimate Toy for the Rich

Tired of your mega yacht, custom helicopter and state-of-the-art private jet? Maybe what you need is the all new Migaloo submarine yacht, a real stunner in all respects. Named after an albino whale, the awesome vessel boasts 6 decks and measures 377 feet by 36 feet. The innovative concept and design belongs to Motion Code: Blue, who created a custom tower for the submarine, making it wider and longer and thus making enough room for an elevator shaft, a main room filled with natural light, and a wide staircase.

Buyers can enjoy all the conveniences of a plush superyacht, with the added advantage of going completely underwater and changing the view to something more exciting and unique. When floating above the sea, Migaloo ensures plenty of outdoor fun and relaxation opportunities in the form of a huge pool, generous lounge areas, and even a helipad that can bring extra guests to the party.

The Austrian designers imagined only wealthy and sophisticated guests onboard the hybrid concept, so they only created VIP suites for their accommodation. There are 8 such suites to choose from on the 2nd and 3rd sub-decks, while the owner has a full-beam area which spreads on two levels (1st and 2nd sub-decks). The crew has its own separate quarters on sub-deck 4.

Luxe features include lounges, gym and crew gym, library, dining areas, saloon, gaming room, cinema room, a telescopically extendable roof over the hull, and a large storage area that can hold all the exterior furniture when the vessel goes underwater. In case you wonder what happens with the pool water when Migaloo decides to dive, you should know that it too goes below deck in a perfectly safe environment. It’s all very impressive and we love it.

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