Men’s Fashion: What to Wear In 2017

You’re a trendy, hip entrepreneur. Some even say you’re a dapper trendsetter. Since you’re a successful entrepreneur, you get to travel and go on expensive vacations; and since you’re a socialite, you want to make a statement.

People like your style because you dare to be different. As a result, you get invited out a lot—to exclusive nightclubs and behind-the-scenes deal making dinner and drinks.

Now that it’s 2017, the question is what you can do this year to stay ahead of the fashion curve? Let’s take a quick look on how to shop this year:

1. Dress shirts & ties for that business titan persona

Yes, you have to pretend you’re an adult. It’s the price you have to pay to get the stuff you need. And to pull off that caper, you need the right dress shirts and the best ties to go with it. Check out the ‘Jason’, a slim fit pink Houndstooth shirt by BOSS (it’s a pastel pink) or the men’s slim-fit light blue dress shirt from Ledbury if you need something in the $150 range; then, for those special occasions when you need to look your absolute best, close to the $300 range, check out the blue, trim-fit check dress shirt from Canali or the slim-fit blue check button down dress shirt from Eton. Naturally, you’ll want a good tie to go with your dress shirts. Check out Hex Tie collections like the Honeycomb, the Emirates, the Heathrow, and the Freedom Sol.

2. You might be a movie star

Sunglasses are no longer black, nor do they have a basic frame. You have a lot of choices when it comes to picking a pair that frames your face and gives a hint of your personality. Check out the savvy Titanium Sunglasses Collection by Shwood.

3. Pack your bags, young man

Backpacks, duffel, and gym bags…you’re going to need a few good selections for those visits to the gym or an overnight flight or a backpacking hike. For the gym, check out “Novel,” a charcoal gym bag from Herschel Supply; for hiking, check out the “Alpha Adapt Rise” a backpack that comes in black, white, and gray by Nike; and for a duffel bag, check out the “Karson Opgrade,” a black canvas duffel from Eastpak. If you’re into tech, consider a smart backpack.

4. Make jeans cool again

What makes a cool jean, cool? It fits your body perfectly. So, it’s time to retire those baggy jeans and find out what’s new when it comes to denim. Here’s some priceless advice from Pop Culture writer, Patrick Varone on how to think about jeans. “One thing is for sure, you need your jeans to fit your body-type correctly. Skinny jeans aren’t for everyone (and hopefully they won’t be for anyone soon enough).  Regular-fit jeans sometimes can leave you looking boxy and like your dad (not that there’s anything wrong with that).  Sometimes the slim-to-straight jeans give you the best of both worlds.” Patrick Varone has spent quite a bit of time studying the coolest jeans, and his selection includes:  Jean Shop ‘Mick’ Slim-Fit Washed Selvedge Denim Jeans; A.P.C ‘Petit Standard” Indigo Washed Men’s Jeans; Rag & Bone Knightsbridge Slim-Fit Blue Jeans; J. Crew ‘Rip & Repair’ Jeans in Hanover Wash Denim; and Uniqlo Slim-Fit Distressed Jeans.

5. Shave like a man

Get shaving down to a science. If you have the kind of scrub that defeats an electric razor and have not had much luck with the new fangled razor styles, then consider going old school and work with a straight-edged razor! Check out the Logan – Shavette Straight Razor Kit). While you’re at it, get a good aftershave lotion, body spray and mist to replace drugstore brands.

Try out these five ideas. You’ll be surprised what a difference implementing them will make to help you keep on looking good for the rest of this year.

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