Men of Leadership: The Importance of Looking Good in the Business World

We all know that image is everything in business, and like it or not, people do pay attention to what you wear in the work arena. Managers and those in leadership positions are particularly noticed in this regard, and even the smallest aspect of your dress will be noted by your subordinates, and they will form opinions based upon this.

Attention to Detail

If you are preparing a presentation or simply going into the office for a regular day, you must heed the small things; the way you knot your tie, cufflinks (if suitable), the crease of your trousers, even your shoes and socks, every aspect of your attire needs to be on point. If you’re in any doubt as to the importance of your appearance, try to recall a time when someone took off a shoe to reveal a hole in their sock, or that guy who wore a shirt with a dirty collar; How did that make you feel? Maybe you hardly gave it a thought, but it has registered in your subconscious and that will influence how you feel about that person.

Bold and Sharp

A leader should wear clothing that is both sharp and bold, and if your socks are a little jaded, check out the amazing selection of top quality socks that will be noticed at, the trendiest sock supplier in town, where you will find socks to suit all styles and personalities. Socks are often thought of as necessary and something to be toned down, yet with the right design, colourful socks really do complement your look, and when it’s time to remove your shoes and get into some teamwork activity, you will raise a few eyebrows.


Don’t go cheap with after-shave, and apply a little, just enough to leave a trace of sweet scent as you pass, and if you are thinking that scent doesn’t play a role, think again. Aside from masking the obvious unpleasant aroma of sweat, during those moments when you are close to someone, they will get just enough of your after-shave to realise you are a particular person. Next time you are exposed to a sweet-smelling person, take note of how it makes you feel?

Hair and Skin

If you don’t have a healthy glow to your skin, do something about it; while not an item of clothing, your complexion does say something about you. A sharp haircut is a must, with a weekly trim, and if you can find time to top up that tan, even better.


Whatever your style, feel good about it. We should resist the temptation to worry about what people will think, and feeling good about what you wear is more important. Trust your own judgement, and never wear anything that is obviously cheap, unless you’re pranking around.

If you make the effort to cultivate your appearance, your team will see you in a very positive way and they are more motivated to follow and achieve.

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