MAGFAST Review: Cutting-Edge Wireless Charging Technology

MAGFAST technology is cutting edge, and the company’s chargers are here to prove it. Just a few years ago, wireless charging was a concept of the future, but we now use it in everyday life.

MAGFAST Air can charge any wireless-charging device, and it’s as simple as setting the MAGFAST Air upright on any surface and then placing your device on top of it. MAGFAST even has a wireless charging device to charge your smartwatch, called the MAGFAST Time, which has a simple pop-out charging stand.

One reviewer named Patsy Gamble writes, “I think the MAGFAST Family is just amazing. I look forward to getting a new email every Friday from Seymour. The way he explains everything [about] the production, the security, the idea [shows the power] of the charging family. I am just so excited about this. I share it with all my friends and family, [and] they think I’m crazy. LOL. I just think it’s wonderful.”

MAGFAST has a few more MAGFAST products in its arsenal, including the MAGFAST Wall, which is ideal for using at home or at the office, allowing multiple devices to charge at the same time. Its design prioritizes the placement of its multiple charging ports, conveniently allowing users to charge multiple devices at once with a single charger that sits smoothly against the wall.      MAGFAST Road isused in the car and on the go with multiple USB outlets so everyone in the vehicle has plenty of power. MAGFAST Life is the most suitable for everyday portability and like the rest of the family is compatible with all mobile devices.

Customer Trevor Knapp is astounded by the MAGFAST Life and writes, “The ability to… charge your phone anywhere with no power is awesome, and being able to carry a mega power bank that can charge four phones at once and… jump start your vehicle [is] unheard of without needing someone else there with their car.”

Customer Sharon Comstock writes, “I was a supporter of the first MAGFAST product years ago and am still using it to this day; the product is excellent, and I invested in the new products and eagerly await receiving the shipment. The weekly updates are very informative and useful… I have full confidence in this company, the staff, and their products.”

In his five-star review, customer Robert Toane says, “I have had many dealings with crowdfunding companies, [and] MAGFAST has been the absolutely best in their transparency and updates with their clients. Quick and almost immediate follow-up by both digital and voice (real person) response(s). Any questions or requests have been dealt with [promptly] and… The marketing strategy of MAGFAST is simply the best I have encountered, and believe me, I have supported many upstarts.”

Before you know it, these products are going to be everywhere. MAGFAST even offers a bonus package called the MAGFAST Family Pro Kit, which includes a MAGFAST Life; a MAGFAST Extreme; a MAGFAST Road; a MAGFAST Air; two MAGFAST Wall SP2X; additional Lightning and Micro-USB cables; and additional MAGFAST Wall adapter tips for USB-C, Lightning, and Micro-USB. With the uncompromised ease and functionality of the chargers, they are sure to surprise and invigorate consumers.

Finally, the charging technology of tomorrow is here today.

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