Luxury Retirement: Why Phuket Tops the List

Known as the jewel of South East Asia, the tropical island of Phuket is perfectly located on the Andaman Sea, home to very diverse marine life, and for many years, Phuket has been the premier retirement destination for Europeans and Scandinavians alike. Gorgeous weather and spectacular scenery are just a couple of the benefits, not to mention the unique Thai cuisine and the warmth of the local people, and if you are looking at retiring in the near future, here are some of the reasons to choose tropical Phuket as your new home.

  • Join the Retired Community – There are many great developments that are home to retired expats; condo units, small bungalows and enormous houses are all to be found along the shores of Phuket, as well as above the town. There are clubs where people from the same country get together and when you dine out in Phuket, expect to see many other expats, all enjoying the amazing Thai cuisine. Of course, people tend to congregate with others of similar interests and there are photography and yoga groups, to name but a few.
  • Many Things to See and Do – As you would expect in a place where many expats live, there are all kinds of services on offer. If you scuba dive or like kite boarding, there are groups and businesses to cater for your needs, and if you have a passion for Golf, you will meet many expats and you can play some world-class course. Check out the amazing Real Life Phuket, a magazine for expat residents that features great articles, plus they have extensive real estate listings in and around Phuket. The magazine has details of up and coming events, plus every kind of service from home massage to repairing your car can be found with this online publication.
  • Steady Land Prices – When you invest in a retirement home in Phuket, you know you have a prime piece of real estate, so you can expect to see the value rise steadily. Houses, bungalows and condo units are always coming onto the property market, and if you would prefer to rent for a year, just to be sure that Phuket is right for you, there’s a healthy rental market. Prices are very reasonable when compared to a developed country, which means you can afford a poolside villa.
  • Amenities – Phuket has it all, and a lot more; Thai people are very service minded and if you want your laundry done or would like to learn how to cook Thai food, there are small schools for this. Fitness rooms, snooker halls and evening entertainment hotspots are in evidence, and if water sports are your thing, Phuket is for you. There are top-rated golf courses, amazing mountain bike trails and 7-11 convenience stores everywhere you look, and if you love street food, the beach areas at night are where to go.

Phuket has long been a favourite for UK and European people who are semi-retired, and recently couples from the US and Russia and setting up home in the tropical paradise town of Phuket. Spend a few months renting and see how it feels, then you can look at prime real estate and find your dream retirement home in the sun.

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