Luxury Cruises in the Arctic with Ponant

N-908 Spitsbergen ©Studio PONANT

When it comes to nature and its sheer magnificence, no image is more stereotypical than that of polar bear cubs frolicking the icy landscapes of the Arctic. Indeed, it is such images that dispel the widespread fears about the Arctic being too hostile to sustain life. Amidst the tundra vegetation and the sub-zero temperatures, the Arctic always teems with life. 

Due to its stunning beauty and distance from the rest of civilization, the Arctic has remained one of the world’s most enchanting destinations. Images of crystal-clear waters and the white-capped landscapes have always drenched the hearts of adventure lovers out there. This explains why those who have been there are still dying for a second visit. 

But what is it about the Arctic that makes it such a startling destination?

Fun Facts about the Arctic

Contrary to popular belief, life thrives in the Arctic. Polar bears are the most famous inhabitants. Other animals like squirrels, walruses, birds, and wolverines have also found a permanent home in this region. 

Not only wildlife but humans are also present in these faraway lands. Indigenous people living in these icy landscapes have since adapted to the climatic conditions. As well as animal life, plants also flourish in the Arctic. You will never miss small shrubs and herbs, especially in the warmer parts of the Arctic.

As you may expect, the Arctic experiences only two seasons, namely Winter and Summer. During winter, temperatures can plunge to – 68 degrees Centigrade. But in most cases, winter temperatures usually average – 34 degrees Centigrade. During summer, the average temperature ranges from 3 – 12 degrees Centigrade. 

However, the Arctic is a land of surprises, and summer temperatures as high as 35 degrees Centigrade have been recorded. That’s quite impressive for a region that epitomizes an unbearably chilly climate. Generally, the Arctic experiences longer and colder winters, while summers are shorter and cooler. During summers, the sun never sets while in winters, it never rises.

How Best To Experience the Arctic

There is no better way to experience the magic of the Arctic than on a luxury cruise ship. But wait a minute! As a cruise around the Arctic is something to relish forever, you deserve a cruise ship company that understands where the most elusive treasures of the landscape are. And that’s what Ponant promises. 

At Ponant, we delight in helping our clients explore the most elusive spots of the Arctic. We will cruise with you through some of the hidden treasures of these majestic landscapes. Be it on land or in the sea; our primary motivation is to help you savor every experience while cruising in our ships. 

Our luxury Arctic cruise ships are designed with your needs in mind. You will enjoy the hospitality of our French crew as you indulge in some of the world’s most exotic cuisines. Our dream is to help you explore the Arctic in style. And while at it, we ensure your stay is as comfortable and luxurious as it can be. 

How would you like to experience the grandeur of Mother Nature as you watch time stand still? Indeed, the Arctic is one place that gives new meaning to the phrases “endless days” and “endless nights.” And it is even more reassuring to have a professional companion that walks with you through these awe-inspiring moments.  

Why Ponant?

At Ponant, we understand the Arctic better than many other cruise ship operators. We know you’re craving for experience. And experience is what we deliver. 

Our itineraries are always inspired by the desire to explore and learn. That is why we focus mostly on the virgin coastlines and uncharted routes. Think of the mythical Northwest Passage or the crater-like holes that have only been captured in films and documentaries. What of the surreal beauty of Aurora borealis and its mystical sounds? Ponant luxury Arctic cruises will take you to a tour of many other locations within the Arctic that are still off the beaten tracks.  

Though we’re headquartered in Marseille, our services stretch far and wide. Whether you’re in Iceland, Greenland, Spitsbergen, or even the Russian Far East, you can always make Ponant your go-to cruise ship operator. 

Ever wondered about the paths some of the world’s greatest explorers took as they tried to conquer the North Pole? Come onto a cruise with Ponant, and we will walk with you through those paths. While at it, you will take a trip down memory lane and relive the joys of people like Dr. Frederick A. Cook. 

As you marvel at some of the Arctic’s rare wonders, our highly-trained yet friendly guides will always be there to keep the conversations going. And since you will likely be cruising for days, you have all the time in the world to sample our diverse cuisines. 

Want to escape into the unforgotten lands of the Arctic? Give us a call today at 0808 23 43 802. Better yet, you can head on to our website to read more on our amazing offers.