Luxurious Golden Turtle Swim Trunks By Vilebrequin

Vilebrequin’s clothing pieces are not exactly known for their luxuriousness, but it looks like things might change soon enough for the French brand, especially if its latest offering becomes popular. We’re talking about the Golden Turtle Swim Trunks, which boast a classic design complemented by a superb display of embroidered turtles created using 24k gold thread.

The trunks are sewn entirely by hand and flaunt a pair of gold cold tips. Those who wish to add even more luxury to these shorts can opt to decorate them using navy blue sapphires, and depending on how far they’re willing to go with these decorations, the trunks can end up costing as much as $13,850. That’s definitely quite a lot to spend on a pair of shorts, but then again, they would definitely draw some attention on the beach.

Vilebrequin also offers more affordable options priced between $120 and $250.

Luxurious Golden Turtle Swim Trunks By Vilebrequin

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