Luxe Pershing Samba Madeira Watch by Parmigiani Fleurier

Honoring the country of Brazil and its vibrant Samba pulse, the Pershing Samba Madeira timepiece is one of the most exquisite creations signed by the skilled watchmakers at Parmigiani Fleurier. This stunning watch impresses at a glance due to its unique, beautiful dial that portrays a close-up of a six-string guitar.

 This dial is a masterpiece in all regards, since it was adorned by hand using an ancient decorative technique called marquetry. The image was created with extreme attention to detail, and the strings of the guitar are as thin as a strand of hair. Moreover, the sound hole of the guitar coincides with the tourbillon cage, which animates this symphony of colors and materials through its oscillations. Also on the dial, placed behind the guitar, is the national motto of Brazil – “Ordem e Progresso”.

The case was made using titanium while the bezel flaunts 18k gold. The power comes from a calibre PF510 movement with 237 individual parts, its bridges being adorned with fine beveling and Côtes de Genève decorations for a touch of elegance and exclusivity. This masterpiece could not be complete without its Hermes leather strap, while its packaging involves a stunning presentation case flaunting the colors of the Brazilian flag. See it all for yourself in the following pictures!

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 Luxe Pershing Samba Madeira Watch by Parmigiani Fleurier

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