Luxe Miniature Gold Trunks By Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton is famous for many reasons, but aside from its high-end apparel pieces, fabulous luggage and exquisite perfumes, the French luxury brand is also known for its instantly-recognizable trunk, which also happened to inspire the design of the 2014 FIFA World Cup Trophy case. In order to emphasize its iconic trunk model, Louis Vuitton decided to create several miniature versions of it in the form of lavish yellow gold pendants.

The collection is called “Small Trunks”, and aside from the pendants themselves, it also includes a series of matching chains. The chains and the pendants complement each other nicely in order to form exquisite jewelry pieces that ooze sophistication and fine taste from each and every pore. The trunks represent accurate representations of their larger counterparts.



[Via – Vogue]