Lovely Louis Vuitton Emprise Watch Comes In Steel

Louis Vuitton Fans will be glad to know that the French brand is now offering its exquisite Emprise timepiece in sturdy steel. The classic watch comes with a white or black dial and features the same, clean and appealing design that made it so appealing in the first place.  It boasts a square case as well as minimalistic embellishments that remind of LV’s signature trunks.

The padded interiors of the trunks are evoked with the help of the dial’s padded tones, while the notches and corner caps are similar to the horns that are used to bind the strap to the timepiece. The case of the Emprise Steel watch measures 23x23mm, and the dial is protected by a reflection-proof Sapphire crystal. The product is stamped with the LV logo and can be purchased for $3,100 at various Louis Vuitton boutiques found across the globe.



[Available at Louis-Vuitton]

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