Limited Edition Rebellion T-1000Gotham Watch at Baselworld

First unveiled at Baselworld 2010, the innovative Rebellion T-1000 watch has recently received a few changes for a limited edition version called Gotham. Created by Eric Giroud, the timepieces flaunt an impressive power reserve of 1000 hours, just as the name suggests.

This new special edition is available with a natural and black DLC-coated titanium case, while the interior mechanism can feature a blue, red, purple or gold finish. Underneath the T-shaped sapphire crystal time can be read off two roller-borne indicators in vertical position, one showing the hours, the other the minutes.

The record power reserve is ensured by 6 mainspring barrels and an oversized winding lever at the back of the case. The muscular, sturdy and masculine watch is water resistant to up to 50 meters, so the elements won’t affect it. This new limited edition T-1000 version will be showcased at the upcoming Baselworld 2013.

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