John F. Kennedy Memorabilia Sale Totals $2 Million

American history sells well at auctions, as this recent John F. Kennedy memorabilia sale has proven by raising an impressive $2 million! The event took place in Amesbury, Massachusetts, where thousands of items that used to belong to the late president were sold to the approximately 400 participants.

Among the many different objects there was a flag that used to adorn Kennedy’s motorcade limousine ($55,000); a birthday card from John F. Kennedy Jr., the president’s son ($17,000); inscribed books; and dozens of letter from his wife. The most significant lot, however, was probably the Air Force One bomber jacket which Kennedy used to own, and which went for much more than previously estimated, fetching $570,000.

The vast collection of memorabilia items was only discovered in recent years, as it had been kept in the home of David Powers, a friend of the late president. Powers passed away in 1998, but his belongings were only discovered when his family decided to sell his residence in Arlington, Massachusetts.