Intricately-Designed Tread 1G Timepiece by Devon

We’re pretty sure that you’ve never seen a watch quite like the Tread 1G, since nothing ordinary ever comes out of the famed Los Angeles-based design lab called Devon. The Tread 1G timepiece has a lot in common with Devon’s Tread 1 piece, but this special G version includes a wide array of gold parts, which makes it more luxurious and more appealing at the same time.

With a price tag of $35,000, this stunning watch features a somewhat eccentric design, but even though it might appear quite complicated at a glance, it is actually quite easy to read and to operate. The case includes 18 k yellow gold pieces and allows the wearer to catch a glimpse of the intricate mechanisms that can be found inside. Each piece is engraved with its own serial number and features Scott Devon’s own signature on the back plate for a plus of exclusivity.

As you can see for yourself, some of the most recognizable elements of this superb timepiece are the Time Belts, which are no more than 2/1,000 of an inch thick. Boasting a weight of just 3 ounces, each timepiece requires about 2 months of hard work in order to be complete. The end result is always a masterpiece of micro engineering that flaunts a distinct industrial yet elegant look.