Innovative Watch Winding Technology By Buben & Zorweg

Even though it’s been around for just 2 decades, the German company called Buben & Zorweg already managed to make a big name for itself in the world of watchmaking, especially when it comes to watch winding technologies.  As it turns out, the brand plans to improve its acclaimed watch winders even more, and so its experts worked on upgrading the Buben & Zorweg Time Mover in order to allow it to meet the pretentious needs of the world’s most sophisticated self-winding timepieces.

The improved Time Mover was created with the help of a company called ELMA, but even with its help, the development of the new product still required 2 years to be complete. The end result features increased reliability thanks to a new ball bearing system and a series of high-end materials that were used in the construction process. The testing system was a rigorous one and involved the simulation of an operating time of 40,000 hours or about 45 years. The watch holders also received a refit, and they can now hold timepieces that measure up to 60mm. Last but not least, we should also mention the newly implemented Safety Catch Mechanism that fixes the watch into a firm position.






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