Innovative EMC Timepiece from Urwerk

Urwerk fans already know about the brand’s U-Research Division, where enthusiast watchmakers with a soft spot for innovation experiment with new concepts, functions and designs to create fresh and unique timepieces for a discerning clientele. This is exactly where the fully interactive EMC (Electro Mechanical Control) model was born.

Described as the Holy Grail of watchmaking, this is the first precision mechanical watch that allows its user to monitor as well as adjust its timing. Urwerk says that the “EMC allows you to obtain reliable and accurate data about your timepiece at the touch of a button, information that until now has been the preserve of professional watchmakers.”This information can then be used by the wearer to fine-tune the mechanical watch all by himself.

Inside the modern titanium and steel case (43mm by 51mm by 15.8 mm) there is an in-house UR-EMC caliber with 28,800 vph and 80 hours of power reserve. While in most watches shocks and variations in temperature and position can affect the timing regularity, these factors are not a problem for the EMC. You can check the timing rate at any moment and then manually adjust the precision of your timepiece to make it sync with your rhythm. Urwerk has transferred more control to you, and you’ve got to love it for that!