Incredibly Expensive Gifts

Gifts are a great way to express love, appreciation, support and even subjection. These following expensive gifts were given for all the aforementioned reasons and in various circumstances, and they are all noteworthy. From designer bags and jewelry to huge sculptures and whole buildings, this list has got them all.

1. Victoria Beckham’s Silver Himalayan Bag: $129,000

Victoria Beckham’s Bag The Silver Himalayan bag was a dazzling Christmas present from David Beckham to his posh wife, Victoria. Made of white crocodile leather and studded with diamonds (it flaunts a 3-carat diamond on the lock), this is not an ordinary handbag. Only three such rare beauties are made every year. Fortunately for Victoria, this is not the only special purse she received from her husband. The designer bags that David Beckham has given Victoria so far have a total value of approximately $3 million.

2. Beth Ostrosky’s Engagement Ring: over $250,000

Beth Ostrosky’s Engagement Ring from Howard Stern When famous radio personality Howard Stern decided to ask beautiful actress Beth Ostrosky to marry him, he probably wanted to make the moment as breathtaking as possible, because he bought her an engagement ring like you rarely get the chance to see. Beth received the 5.2-carat emerald-cut diamond ring on Valentine’s Day in 2007 and in October next year they got married.

3. King Abdullah’s Gifts to President Obama: over $300,000

Obama with a gift he received from Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah during a meeting at the king's farm outside Riyadh $300,000 is a little over the normal bounds of courtesy, but it comes from a incredibly wealthy king (the Saudi Arabian King) so the surprise is not exactly overwhelming. King Abdullah felt so generous that he offered pricy jewelry to the entire Obama family, rare books of great value and more. His gift is considered to be the most expensive one given by a ruler to another in recent years.

4. The Statue of Liberty: $530,300

The Statue of Liberty gift True friendship can manifest itself in many ways, but the French decided to show theirs to the Americans by giving hem the imposing Statue of Liberty. Standing 151 feet high, this is a great symbol of freedom and justice, designed by famous sculptor Frederic Bartholdi. The feminine figure is actually an artistic representation of Libertas, the Roman goddess of freedom. In her right hand she bears a stone tablet engraved with the American Declaration of Independence. The statue itself cost France $250,000, while the base cost an additional $280,000.

5. The Taylor-Burton Diamond: over $1 million

The Taylor-Burton Diamond It is well known that Elizabeth Taylor was a true lover of jewels and precious stones. The most impressive gem in her collection is the dazzling 69.42-carat diamond that her ex-husband Richard Burton gave it to her as a birthday present when she turned 40. In 1978 (six years after she received it) Taylor auctioned the giant stone off for a whopping $5 million, four times more than it originally cost. The current value of the gem is not known, but we can only imagine it is huge.

6. Beyonce’s Engagement Ring: $5 million

Beyonce Knowles’s Ring It’s already a known fact that Beyonce and Jay Z are the kind of couple that spends fortunes when it comes to buying each other gifts. Whether it’s a £1.3 million Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport  for Jay Z, or $350,000 worth of Christmas gifts  for Beyonce, the famous couple’s love to one another takes various and very expensive shapes. But the most dashing of all is the $5 million engagement ring that the famous rapper bought for his beloved girlfriend, now wife. Beyonce also has an imitation version of the ring, worth $5,000, which she wears in public for safety reasons.

7. Roman Abramovich’s Sculpture: around $14 million

Roman Abramovich’s Sculpture Another man that is famous for his lavish spending habits is the wealthy Russian billionaire, Roman Abramovich.  His girlfriend, Dasha Zhukova, is a true art lover, so it’s not difficult at all for Abramovich to find a special gift for his beloved. This bronze sculpture by Alberto Giacometti, called “Femme de Venise” was one such gift from him to Dasha. It cost him $14 million, but that’s nothing compared to his immense fortune.

8. The Orlov Diamond: 400,000 Russian rubles in 1798

The Orlov Diamond Count Grigory Orlov was a very pampered man, receiving countless expensive gifts from Russian empress, Catherine the Great. So one day the military commander decided it was time to show his gratitude with a grand gesture: he gave the empress a huge diamond, half the size of a pigeon’s egg. Weighing 198.62 carats, this was a superb blue-green diamond and Catherine the Great named it The Orlov before asking for it to be incorporated into her royal scepter.

9. The Kohinoor Diamond: monetary value never documented

The Kohinoor Diamond This was once the largest diamond in the world. It used to belong to India and the royal family, but when Britain took over the country and Queen Victoria was proclaimed Empress of India in 1877, the gem became part of the British Crown Jewels. Of course, it was not a joyful event when India had to give up the huge diamond, but nevertheless, it did. The royal family actually had to give it as a “gift” to the Queen. India still claims that the Kohinoor diamond was taken by force and that it should be returned to its country of origin.

10. The Taj Mahal: 32 million Indian Rupees in 1653

The Taj Mahal Made entirely out of white marble, this amazing Indian mausoleum is one of the world’s most beautiful buildings and also a splendid symbol of everlasting love. Thousands of craftsman and artisans had to work for over two decades to complete the imposing building. Emperor Shah Jahan of India commissioned the Taj Mahal in memory of his eternal love for Mumtaz Mahal, his third and most beloved wife. She died while giving birth to the royal couple’s 14th child and the emperor built the Gorgeous Taj Mahal in her honor.

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